The product is a revolutionary fully on site solution to food waste management. The current model will dispose of the majority of food waste on average between 12 to 24 hours speeding up the usual decomposition process greatly.

Of the 100% of food waste that is input into the machine, approximately 80% of volume degrades, the 20% bi-product that is left is natural minerals, which can be utilised and sold as a fuel for anaerobic digesters. This means there is zero waste to landfill which takes away bin pick up costs and obviously will have a massive environmental impact.

The Wastemaster is paid for on a monthly managed services agreement so there is no capital outlay.

  • The WasteMaster consists of 2 main components: a large rotating drum used to contain and agitate food waste and an Electron Spin Accelerator (ESA)
  • With the unit’s unique heating system and humidity controls, liquids within the WasteMaster are evaporated (with minimal moisture omitted through the exhaust system)
  • The WasteMaster treats the remaining food waste through oxidation. The ESA is used to produce superoxide anion created via magnetic and electrical interactions which initiates chain reactions of oxidation. the superoxide anion combines with food waste to create hydrogen peroxide. Further availability of the superoxide results in the creation of hydroxyl radical the most rapid acting of the oxidation radicals which speeds up the decomposing process.
  • The paddles inside the drum also assist in the agitation and separation of the waste, allowing air pockets to be created and the Superoxide Anion to touch the waste and react.


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