Vector Boiler Energy Management Systems

Vector Boiler Energy Management Systems are designed to take over the control of gas, oil and LPG boilers by regulating and moderating the firing pattern according to changing demands. Energy savings of up to 33% can be expected, depending on the application.

This is an intelligent system --- it constantly calculates load, maintains accurate temperatures by eliminating overshoot, eliminates ‘dry cycling’ and alters the boiler input to match the load required, without affecting comfort levels.

It is an independent, discreet electronic unit, which is connected to the boiler.

The Vector Boiler Energy Management System can be fitted in conjunction with all other control systems.
It works with all thermostat systems, both internal and external.

Energy Savings --- The Vector BD111 system will typically return its total investment in around 18 months or less. It will then go on to save money, reducing damaging atmospheric CO2 emissions and helping to preserve remaining fossil fuels year after year, making a significant continuing environmental contributio

Installation: Straight forward to install and commission. This should only be carried out by a suitably qualified heating engineer/electrician. Once fitted, the units are maintenance and adjustment free.

Case Studies


425 Tesco stores throughout the UK. The photograph below shows Vector units fitted to Wessex 200 boilers
in a modular formation, although throughout the fitting schedule we came across many different makes of boilers with differing ages. Some of the stores had their primary heat source from HVAC with boiler back up, but by still putting Vector BEMS on to their boilers has resulted in a good ROI.

Following over 12 months since being commissioned, a survey was conducted across the 8 stores to ascertain and report on the actual savings since the Vector BC113 BEM system was fitted.

The following results demonstrate the variety of boilers and differences in savings achieved:

Store 1. Fitted: 2 / 12 / 09
Boilers: Wessex 200 x 4.
Savings recorded 17.04%

Store 2. Fitted: 10/12/09
Boilers: Ideal Harrier GTE x 2
Savings recorded 23.14%

Store 3. Fitted: 11/02/2010
Boilers: Hamworthy Wessex 200 x 5
Savings recorded 23.86%

Store 4. Fitted: 15/12/09
Boilers: Ideal Concorde x 4
Savings recorded 18.14%

Store 5. Fitted: 11/12/09
Boilers: Hamworthy Purewell x 5
Savings recorded 18.36%

Store 6. Fitted: 16/12/09
Boilers: Ideal De Dietrich x 2
Savings recorded 17.96%

Store 7. Fitted: 7/12/09
Boilers: Stelrad Ideal Concord CXA x 2
Savings recorded 22.1%

Store 8: Fitted: 10/12/09
Boilers: Ideal concord De Dietrich x 2
Savings recorded 23.35%

Stuart Hutchison of Matrix, Strategic Account Director for Tesco PLC, wrote,
“I write to confirm that I, on behalf of Matrix Control Solutions Ltd, have utilized the services of Vector
Boiler Controls on many sites across the Tesco Group. I have always found them professional and helpful and
projects are always completed efficiently, in a timely fashion and of a good standard.
I would not hesitate to recommend Vector Boiler Controls.”

Langdon Square Community Centre

For the trial at Middlesbrough Council, one Vector BC113 BEM system was fitted to the Ideal Concord boiler
The Monitoring involved taking readings from the Vector’s integrated elapsed time meters. One meter logs the demand hours, the other records actual/permitted burn hours.

The Boiler House gas meter was also read in conjunction with Vectors integral meters as part of the control.

The council conducted an independent analysis over a 60-day period using degree-day adjustment.

The results were as follows:

Total Reduction % (KWh) D.Day.= 38.23%

This would achieve a payback of <15 months.

The councils own findings were expressed as follows:

Period saving £271.87
Winter saving £951.56
KWh saved 46388
Cost saved £1,361.96
Carbon Dioxide Reduction Kg 8535

Kevin Guy of Middlesbrough Council concluded,

“We were delighted with the energy savings that the Vector unit produced and we will be recommending it to other suitable establishments under our control.”

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