The well-known compressor technology is enhanced with a proprietary developed solar thermal collection system. We now have a super advanced compressor system.

SolarCool uses an exclusive patented process, situated between Compressor and Condenser. Utilising the free available energy from the sun to heat the refrigerant & subsequently reducing the workload of the compressor/s.
The free energy from the sun heats the refrigerant, it is provided with thermal energy, this in turn raises the internal energy (the sum of all microscopic kinetic and potential energy of the molecules).

The molecules now move with a higher value of kinetic energy, which simply implies each molecule moves with a higher velocity than before. Now the molecules collide with one another and rebound with an increased energy, moreover intermolecular forces weaken and the molecules space out further…which means an increase in gaseous volume and therefore a naturally increased mass volume flow, resulting in an improved Delta T in the condenser and therefore the unequalled cooling and heating process of Solar thermal.

The hotter the sun shines, the more the solar panel takes over the compressing of the gas and the more power is saved. The compressor acts now mainly as a pump, providing the necessary cycle flow.

Case Studies

Solar Thermal Refrigeration

The largest fresh bread manufacturer in Malta, boasting a wealth of high profile customers. As with most businesses in the sector, this facility consumes a vast amount of electricity on a number of applications including process cooling, freezing, refrigeration and comfort cooling throughout.

“I have to be honest, I was personally sceptical about the projected abilities when first presented to me. However, my son was completely the opposite, and convinced talked me to go with the testing. I am now very pleased he did, as we could have walked away from a fantastic opportunity!” - Chief Engineering Contractor, Golden Harvest

August test data – the 220kW 5-stage process cooling plants kWh usage data was tracked for the whole month of August 2014 using the well-respected RDM system.

September data – using the same system, the kWh consumption was then tracked for the
whole month of September – post installation.

The bars above represent the average daily usage, starting with Monday on the left. In comparison to August usage, in total the energy consumption was reduced by 37%. 

Solar Thermal Refrigeration And Air Conditioning


After retrofitting seven of our sites, they collectively reduced the energy consumption by 36%, therefore they were clearly the right partner for this new build project. So far they are producing results that are in line with their own projections and therefore well in line with our expectations”. Richard Cox, MD


Formby, Liverpool - this site was built 2 year prior by a competing company. The red bars above show the average monthly energy consumption illustrated above in KWh.

Rossendale Rd - this site was constructed in July 2014. At this point we installed a number of feffciency technolgies which included - LED lighting, voltage optimisation and SolarCool on both refrigeration and air conditioning (heating & cooling).

In comparison to the exact replica site, in total  the efficiencies installed in Rossendale Rd reduced the energy consumption by 56%.

Removing the efficiences achevied by the LED lighting and voltage optimisation showed that SolarCool was responsible for in excess of 40% ot the 56% or 71% of the over efficiencies achieved.

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